10 little-known facts about tea


Tea has been enjoyed worldwide for many years with various applications apart from being a common drink. Since its very first use as a beneficial medicine, tea has made its way to many aspects of life. Here are the top 10 little-known facts about tea.

Farmers are harvesting tea leaves

1. Around 2,000 tiny leaves would only make one pound of finished tea.

In the processing, tea leaves would have to go through the steps of withering and drying, so the weight of one dried leaf is very light. Therefore, in order to have one pound of finished tea, a huge number of dried curled tea leaves would need to be collected.

2. The flavor of tea would be affected if you store your tea near heavy-smell condiments or food.

This is an important thing that you should keep in mind to remember to keep it away from anything with strong, heavy aroma.

3. The steeping time is the most crucial factor determining the flavor of your tea.

For different kind of teas, the steeping time varies. Specifically, for blak tea, it would be around 3 to 5 minutes.

4. Tea was one of the treasury commodity for many European countries in the past.

It even triggered the first Opium War between China and Britain as these two giant countries disputed over the tea trading.

5. Tea was first discovered in China for its medical application, specifically, detoxification.

It was often chewed as a kind of medicine rather than being drunk from a cup as a beverage today.

6. One of the most useful applications of tea in daily life is keeping mosquitoes away by rubbing slightly damp leaves on uncovered areas of skin.

Tea has also been used for cleaning floors, naturally dyeing cloth, and patching up tiny nicks from shaving.

7. Techincally, herbal tea is not tea.

Herbal tea blends do not contain any actual tea leaves, which is why they are usually caffeine-free. They are a mixture of different herbs, spices, and other plants.

8. The invention of teabag was a revolution for enjoying a cup of tea.

Up until 1980, a tea importor in the United States began sending tea samples out in a little silk bags, which has then completely changed the way people brew tea. Instead of taking the out and discarding the bag, people put the whole bag in and use it to brew a single cup.

9. Black tea, green tea, or oolong tea are all made from leaves plucked from the same tea bushes.

The thing that makes them distinguished from each other is the processing as each of them will undergo different steps to make them reach level of different distinct characteristics.

10. Green tea is considered to be a super food.

Various studies have shown that drinking green tea can help drinkers fight against many health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain forms of cancer.

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