2020 Black Friday Event on Alibaba.com


Link for the event: https://activity.alibaba.com/page/live.html?topic=f2b30a2c-c9b4-4aca-acf3-713edc318e20&referrer=sellerConsuleShare

Black Friday 2021 event

Black Friday is around the corner. Many people around the world are longing for this special day to hunt for a rain of massive discounts and generous offers. Suppliers from all tiers in the distribution chain from wholesalers to retailers have also been well-prepared for this event with many promotion plans ready to be launched. Vihaba, a wholesale supplier of agricultural products and handicraft, is not an exception.

2020 Black Friday on Alibaba.com

On November 27th, Vihaba is joining an event called “Black Friday Livestream” on Alibaba.com. The main purpose of this event is to connect directly with our international customers by showing our products, our company, and answering any questions popped up during the Livestream. 

Apart from providing loads of information about our products, we are also giving any customer sending an inquiry and placing an order with us during our Livestream time. Here is our special offers for customers on our Black Friday event:

ProductsDiscount (by percent) 
Cashew nuts3%
Coffee BeansUp to 10%
Tea Products1%
Handicraft products5%

Our company history

Our company was established in 2014 with the mission of becoming the bridge between Vietnamese products and international customers. Over 7 years of building and development, our company has consistently kept our key value of being a reliable and high-capacity B2B supplier to all of our international customers. This has been proven with many of our sales contracts signed with our foreign business partners. 

In order to strengthen our firm statement about reliability, our company has applied for FDA certification to certify the high quality of our products such as cashew nuts, coffee beans, tea, and many other food products. After a complex process of checking and examining our manufacturing system, we have officially been certified to meet the standards of FDA organization pursuant to section 305 of the U.S Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002. P.L 107-188. Therefore, we are in a ready position to provide our customers with FDA-certified products. 

You can easily contact us for further discussion here.

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