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10 little-known facts about tea


Tea has been enjoyed worldwide for many years with various applications apart from being a common drink. Since its very first use as a beneficial medicine, tea has made its way to many aspects of life. Here are the top 10 little-known facts about tea. 1. Around 2,000 tiny leaves would only make one pound […]

Different types of tea in Vietnam


Vietnam has been producing and making tea for hundreds of years. Throughout many years of change and adaptation, Vietnamese people have grown and developed some original kinds into various ones such as black Green Tea, OTD Black Tea, Oolong Tea. Green Tea – The most popular type in Vietnam Green tea is among the most […]

Vietnam Tea: Tea Culture and Main Tea Producing Areas in Vietnam


Tea has been a common drink in Vietnam for thousands of years. There is a saying in Vietnam that tea is a perfect catalyst for a smooth and endless conversation as the taste and smell of a hot cup of tea would trigger the feeling of sharing and intimacy. The history of tea in Vietnam […]