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Vietnam Tea – Black Green Tea

According to statistics from ITC in 2019, Vietnam Tea’s exports represent 1.7% of world exports for tea, and its ranking in world exports is 10 with two main exporting products: Black Tea and Green Tea. The top 5 countries that imported tea from Vietnam are Taipei, Chinese; the Russian Federation; Pakistan; Indonesia; and the United States of America.

Vietnam has a favorable condition for the growth of tea. In the early days, tea was only produced in small household gardens with the purpose of providing sufficient quantity for a daily drink. Nowadays, tea has been grown in over half of Vietnam’s provinces with five main producing areas, specifically, the Northern Highlands, the Northwest, the Northern and Central Coastal areas. Some provinces in Vietnam which are famous for tea planting and production are Thai Nguyen, Lam Dong, Lang Son, and Dak Lak. Vietnam Tea has long been famous for many international customers around the world.

There are various types of tea in Vietnam with different tastes and flavors. At present, Vietnam has the ability to produce 15 different types of tea. However, the black and green tea are among the most popular teas in both domestic consumption and exporting volume as well in Vietnam.

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