has rewarded Vihaba “Service Excellence” Award on 28th October 2020.


With many years in doing exporting business, Vihaba has always determined to provide our customers with our best service. This has been proven officially by with the award “Service Excellence” 2020 rewarded for our resilient and consistent efforts in giving our customers the highest-quality customer service.

Top 10 E-commerce Enterprises of New Power on – Alibaba 2020 Award Ceremony

On October 28th, 2020, Alibaba has created a special event in Hangzhou Canal Culture and Sports Center, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China to reward “Top 10 E-commerce Enterprises of New Power” with the attendance of over 800 guests from major media organizations to many special business enterprises. Specifically, there are 50 special guests and 100 journalists from major media organizations with a special present from Zhan Shi, the political scientist and associate professor in the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management. From Alibaba Group, 30 core people working and operating the E-commerce participated in the event with a fluent oral speech from CEO, Kou Zhang.

This event has been on air in many major media in China and been broadcast live on the platform. Here is the link for the full Livestream of the award ceremony on platform: link

The checking point of the event

Conference Process

The award ceremony took place from 9.00 a.m to 12.00 a.m (Bejing time) with four main elements. There were two special speakers delivering their own speech before the official award ceremony for Top 10.
Conference Process – Top 10 E-commerce Enterprises of New Power 2020 on

Mr. Zhan Shi, the political scientist and associate professor in the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management, has given a thorough speech about “Observations and changes of the new generation of foreign traders”. He has delivered some key points for foreign traders operating their business on to change and adapt to this new era of the digital world.

Mr. Zhan Shi, the political scientist and associate professor in the Department of Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs Management, is delivering his speech.

CEO of, Mr. Kou Zhang, has been on stage to share newly launched features of, and especially give details about criteria for selecting these top 10 prominent enterprises on this event.
CEO of, Mr. Kou Zhang, is making his speech

List of Top 10 E-commerce Enterprises of New Power 2020 on

Top 10 E-Commerce Enterprises of New Power are enthusiastic, innovative, and driven firms which all have different inspiring stories about their resilient and consistent efforts throughout the very tough year of 2020. However, they all have one thing in common which is their determination to provide the best quality products to customers along with the first-class service.

List of Top 10 E-commerce Enterprises of New Power on

Vihaba, the only foreign enterprise among other nine Chinese companies, won the “Service Excellence” 2020 Award from

Award Ceremony 2020 from

Vihaba is very proud to be the only foreign enterprise receiving the “Service Excellence” award from This prestigious award has been given to Vihaba in order to honor our great efforts in hard-working attitude and customer-driven service, even during the pandemic time of Covid-19.
CEO of Vihaba Co. LTD was rewarded the award trophy “Excellence Service” from
The award trophy “Service Excellence” 2020 for Vihaba Co. LTD

From the early days of establishment, Vihaba has determined to build up our company based on the human factor. Therefore, we have focused on creating and developing a detailed and professional training procedure for all of our staff. Even seasoned staff will also be trained and updated regularly to make sure that our customers will be served well and feel satisfied.

This “Service Excellence” 2020 Award from has proven our resilient and all-out efforts in bringing the best service to our international customers throughout our 7 years of development.

CEO of Vihaba, Ms. Dung, has been called on stage to receive the award trophy “Service Excellence” 2020

Vihaba’s exporting products

Our company has exported many Vietnamese products to many countries around the world, especially in the European, and Middle-East markets. Our main categories of products are agricultural products and handicrafts. For agricultural products, we have a variety of products harvested and produced in Vietnam, popularly, cashew nuts, coffee beans, cassia, tea, black pepper, and many other kinds of nuts. And for handicrafts, we are supplying various range of handmade handicrafts, which are different in sizes, colors, and shapes such as rattan baskets, rattan handbags, bamboo straws, and so on.

A video introduction of Vihaba Company at the award ceremony

CEO of Vihaba, Ms. Dung, made her appearance at the event through a short video of introduction. With the customer-driven business philosophy, our CEO has always given priority to customers’ preferences in order to develop our company to be a reliable wholesale supplier of Vietnamese products.

On this short video, Ms. Dung, CEO of Vihaba, has briefly introduce about Vihaba company and the cooperation between Vihaba and Vihaba believes that platform will be the major channel for our company to connect directly with our international customers around the world.

Vihaba – The bridge between Vietnamese products and international customers

CEO of Vihaba – Do Thi Dung (Ms.)

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